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rer of spiral steel pipes
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SPIRALCO is a company specialized in the production of spiral weld steel tubes and pipes. Over the years, SPIRALCO has acquired and developed the necessary expertise for the production of high grade spiral weld tubes and pipes to meet the demands and specifications of its customers.

Our plants manufacture a wide range of products and focus mainly on the production of tubes and pipes from 16 to 160 inches in nominal diameter with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.180 to 0.750 inches. We have restructured our production lines and made the changes needed to supply tubes and pipes ranging from 20 feet to 100 feet in length.

To meet your needs, we maintain an inventory of about 6000 tons of steel of varying grades and thicknesses (from 0,188" to 1"), thus making it possible for us to offer delivery times to customers often under those considered as standard for the industry.

Tubes and pipes can be finished to your specifications and standards or to any special requirements you might have.

Depending on your specifications or special requirements, we are able to run hydrostatic tests on tubes and pipes from 12 inches to 90 inches in diameter and on lengths up to a maximum of 60 feet, depending on the grade and thickness of the steel you need.

All the products leaving our two production lines meet the specifications found in the codes and standards governing this type of product, i.e. ASTM (A 252, A 134 and A 139), AWWA (C-200) or ACNOR/CSA (Z 245.1). Moreover, our quality assurance system guarantees you that conformity has been achieved.

The following is a list of the steel grades
kept in our inventory :
ASTM A 36 ASTM A 569 gr 1008 @ 1012
38 W 44 W
ASTM A 607 gr 45 @ 70 ASTM A 570 gr 30 @ 55
50 W 55 W
ASTM A 635 gr 1006 @ 1023 ASTM A 659 gr 1015 @ 1023
58 W 70 W
ASTM A 715 gr 50 @ 80 ASTM A 907 gr 30 @ 50
   ASTM A 935 gr 45 @ 65 ASTM A 936 gr 50 @ 80
Other grades of steel may be available. For further information, please contact us.



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To contact us : info@spiralco.com

SPIRALCO is a company specialized in the production of spiral weld steel tubes and pipes.
1275, route 255, St-Félix-de-Kingsey, Qc, J0B 2T0 / Phone : (819) 848-2747 / 1-800-830-2747 / Fax : (819) 848-2830